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A 101 Kids

A-101 Dental, PC is proud to welcome A-101 Kids to our practice.

We love kids! From birth to the age of sixteen, Dr. Jerry Pearson and his team focus on the individual needs of each patient, providing experiences that will build excellent dental habits and oral health for a lifetime.
We provide a wide range of Pediatric Dental Care, including:

Comprehensive Dental Exams and Digital X-rays

Dental exams and cleanings are recommended once every six months for all patients. These visits help identify any tooth decay, early signs of gum disease and/or oral cancer through diagnostic X-rays and physical examination. Early detection of these conditions can help ensure effective treatment and prevent permanent damage.

Prophylaxis (Dental Cleaning)

Regular cleanings from a dental provider help keep the gums healthy and the teeth cavity-free. A dental cleaning removes tarter and plaque which can build up and cause inflammation and disease if left untreated. Teeth are also polished during a dental cleaning to remove stains and further build up that a regular tooth brush may not remove.


A natural substance that helps strengthens teeth and prevents decay. It is found in water sources, certain foods (meat, fish and eggs) toothpastes, rinses, and professional treatments from your dentist. Sufficient fluoride treatment is most important for children to ensure extra protection against cavities developing in their teeth.


Sometimes brushing is not enough, especially when it comes to those hard-to-reach spots in your mouth. It is difficult for your toothbrush to get in between the small cracks and grooves on your teeth. If left alone, those tiny areas can develop tooth decay. Sealants give your teeth extra protection against decay and help prevent cavities. Dental sealants are plastic resins that bond and harden in the deep grooves on your tooth's surface. When a tooth is sealed, the tiny grooves become smooth and are less likely to harbor plaque. With sealants, brushing your teeth becomes easier and more effective. Sealants are typically applied to children's teeth after their permanent teeth have erupted as a preventive measure against tooth decay.

Baby Root Canals (Pulpotomy)

A root canal involves treating decay or trauma to the soft core of the tooth, also known as the dental pulp. The dental pulp is the soft tissue found inside the tooth from the top of the root, all the way to the end of the root. It contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues that provide nutrients to the tooth as it grows. Baby teeth may not remain in the mouth forever, but they essential. They help children to speak and chew properly. They also retain space for the permanent teeth and affect the shape of the face and overall appearance.


A filling is used to repair a tooth that is affected by decay, cracks, fractures, etc. The decayed or affected portion of the tooth will be removed and then filled with a filling material (amalgam or composite).

Stainless Steel Crowns

A dental crown is a restoration that covers or caps a tooth, restoring it to its normal size and shape while strengthening it and protecting it from further cracking or breakage. Crowns are necessary when the tooth is broken down to the point where a filling won’t be effective or after any baby root canal (pulpotomy) is performed on a tooth.


A dental extraction (getting a tooth pulled) we will first make an effort to treat your child’s condition and save the tooth, but this is not always possible. Dental extractions are often performed to relieve a broken tooth, significant tooth decay, and/or to remove wisdom teeth that cause overcrowding in the mouth.

Nitrous Oxide “laughing gas”

Nitrous Oxide is one of the safe resources used to lower stress and discomfort during a variety of dental procedures. The gas (a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen) is inhaled through a mask. The effect of the nitrous oxide is swift, yet wears off quickly as well. Throughout the procedure, patients retain consciousness, as well as the ability to communicate with their dentist.

Conscious Sedation

Oral sedation allows us to safely perform dental procedures with minimal discomfort for you child. Depending on her or his individual dental case, we choose from a variety of safe and effective medications. The conscious sedation techniques we choose are always administered by our extensively trained, CPR certified dentist. As always, we will provide you with the necessary details on your child’s procedure prior to and after treatment, for your peace of mind.

IV Sedation (Performed by a General Anesthesiologist)

General anesthesia is a management technique that uses medications to allow your child to go to sleep while receiving dental treatment. Anesthesia is administered by a general anesthesiologist and the dental work is completed by a dentist who has specialty training in treating children under general anesthesia. Candidates for this procedure might include those with severe anxiety, special needs, or those with extensive dental decay. We will discuss in detail the risks and benefits involved with general anesthesia before this procedure.

A-101 Kids offers pediatric dental care to Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Apache Junction, Chandler, and Phoenix.